Goez Art Studio & Gallery on First Street

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Project Director:
Jose Luis Gonzalez

Date Created:
Opened in 1969

3757 E First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063


JL Goez, armor, woodcarving

This life-size, Spanish armor graced the main gallery of Goez Art Studio and Gallery.

Goez Art Studio & Gallery, son, East Los Angeles, JL Goez

Here is Joe’s youngest son, Arthur Gonzalez, readying Goez Art Studio & Gallery in East Los Angeles for the opening on 1971.

JL Goez, art studio gallery son

Another view of a young helper, Arthur Gonzalez, with his older brother, Manuel Gonzalez, as they work in preparation for the opening of Goez Art Studio & Gallery in 1971.

JL Goez

GOEZ ART STUDIO & GALLERY, East Los Angeles, CA.  Front row, left to right:  Joe Andres Giros, Rudy Vargas, Rudy Saenz, Frank Martinez. Back row: Eddie Martinez, Bob Alaniz, Robert Penalver, Juan Gonzalez, Joe L. Gonzalez, Robert Arenivar.

Goez Art Studio & Gallery (1971)

mural day, Los Angeles, JL Goez

Deputy Mayor, Grace Montanez Davis, presents commendations from Los Angeles Mayor, Tom Bradley, to each muralist who had painted 5 murals or more. This was a Goez idea to honor those artists that worked and taught their apprentices to paint murals. The City declared April 25, 1976, East Los Angeles Mural Day.

JL Goez, sculpting

My friend, Professor Olinto Marcucci Ramirez, a prominent sculptor who sculpted grand monuments in Colombia, teaching the art of plaster sculpting to Manuel Venegas and brother Juan at Goez.

tours to Goez gallery, JL Goez

Goez Art Studio & Gallery was constantly changing which attracted many children and adults to visit, frequently.

JL Goez, goez art studio gallery

Joe Gonzalez and his brother Juan at the entrance of the first Goez Art Studio & Gallery, that was located at 3757 East First Street, East Los Angeles

JL Goez, goez art studio gallery

So much work went into clearing out all old, dirty meat packing equipment and refinishing the facade to ready the building for Goez Art Studio & Gallery.

After about 7 months of steady labor of at least 12 to 16 hours a day, of destruction and construction, the joy and pleasure of accomplishing the major plan of making GOEZ ART STUDIO one of the most attractive and distinctive art centers and gallery, with the hopes and anticipation of attracting the art buyers that would help to inspire the artists to create their best for self sustainment.

JL Goez

Blank canvas of what was to become the first Goez Art Studio and Gallery at 3757 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA in 1969.

Goez, JL Goez, wood carving

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