Future Of Innocence 1975, Washington D.C.

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Artist Name:
Jose Luis Gonzalez

Project Director:
Jose Luis Gonzalez

Art Director:
Jose Luis Gonzalez

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This mural titled "The Future of Innocence", was commissioned by the Smithsonian Institute for the American Folklife Festival. The project was directed by Jose L. Gonzalez, designed by Eddie Martinez, and assisted by Juan D. Gonzalez, Jacob Winstead Gutierrez, Robert Arenivar and David Botello.
The mural was designed and begun at GOEZ ART STUDIO in East Los Angeles, then taken to Washington D.C where it was completed on site, in the middle of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, then it toured to 29 states for exhibition, after the tour it was returned to GOEZ

The mural painted here brought tremendous exposure to our movement of creating murals to help promote the artist, here are artist Eddie Martinez designer of mural and assisted by artist Jacob W. Guitierrez, Robert Arenivar, Juan and Joe L. Gonzalez, David Botello remained in L.A